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Crossing South Jordan on Horseback

Crossing South Jordan on Horseback

The King and Queen's Horse Trip - Jordan 2018


Next Trip - 21-29 of October 


Jordan, a small peaceful country in the Middle East.

Rich History and Ancient civilizations that one would not

want to miss anything.

Cross Jordan on Horseback

Cross Jordan on Horseback

From time Immemorial its inhabitants have cross their land on

horse and dromedary camel back, and today,

the Jordanian are proud to invite us to follow them on these

ancestral path, unique scenery's and remarkable desert.

For the horse-riders this journey combines the excitement of

riding your carefully chosen horse along outstanding landscapes and

the incredible pleasure of being part of a timeless Caravan.

We will end our journey in the Wadi Rum desert, which is one of these

places in the world where the magical spirit of the desert falls over

you in a symphony of lights and shadows.



Brain-A-Thon Free Online Event  with John Assaraf

Brain-A-Thon Free Online Event  with John Assaraf

Brain-A-Thon Free Online Event


Have you ever wondered what makes

someone successful & wealthy or what

do the NASA astronauts, navy seals,

Olympic athletes, world Leaders,

successful public speakers, top trainers,

coaches and very wealthy people,

all have in common?

Brain-A-Thon Free Online Event


They all realize that they just

have to constantly grow by upgrading

their mindset, and that’s why they

spend time upgrading their brains.

The secret to getting these amazing

results and success starts in their

mind and success mindset.

Now, if you’re not where you want to be…

and if you’re not earning the

amount of money you deserve for

your family and yourself, the reason

is probably because you brain and

mindset needs some daily work to

make the changes.

When your brain and success mindset

is upgraded, your income will change

to the better.

If you are not where you want to be

in life and what to learn how to achieve

your dreams and goals, personal and

financially by changing your mindset to a

success mindset, and  unlock your

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Brain-A-Thon Free Online Event 

with John Assaraf


John Assaraf, will be bringing seven of the

world’s top success experts and

brain science to show you how you

can upgrade your brain, and then

change your life and income for the better.

John Assaraf, is one of the leading

behavioral and mindset experts in

the world founder of NeuroGym.

John helped numerous people by

teaching them  how to release the

mental and emotional obstacles.

John has appeared on the movie

“The Secret” and “Quest for Success”

with the Dalai Lama and the very

successful entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson.

John has built five multi-million dollar

companies and he is moving and

growing constantly..

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I had the privilege of meeting John a few month ago.
A down to earth, nice and very interesting person.

Brain-A-Thon and Winning the Game of Money

Brain-A-Thon and Winning the Game of Money