Crossing South Jordan on Horseback

Crossing South Jordan on Horseback

The King and Queen's Horse Trip - Jordan 2018


Next Trip - 21-29 of October 


Jordan, a small peaceful country in the Middle East.

Rich History and Ancient civilizations that one would not

want to miss anything.

Cross Jordan on Horseback

Cross Jordan on Horseback

From time Immemorial its inhabitants have cross their land on

horse and dromedary camel back, and today,

the Jordanian are proud to invite us to follow them on these

ancestral path, unique scenery's and remarkable desert.

For the horse-riders this journey combines the excitement of

riding your carefully chosen horse along outstanding landscapes and

the incredible pleasure of being part of a timeless Caravan.

We will end our journey in the Wadi Rum desert, which is one of these

places in the world where the magical spirit of the desert falls over

you in a symphony of lights and shadows.

Program day by day

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21 of October: Day 1 – Arrival to Jordan


Landing at Amman Airport,  transfer to AYASS Hotel HB

( Approx 30 minutes drive).

Dinner and meeting with your guide.

Brief discussion about the program.

22 of October:

Day 2-  Dana - Meeting our horses and

First day on Horseback

We will start our day early by driving to the village of Dana

(about two and a half hours drive from the hotel).

We will Meet our horses and the team of horse trip helpers.

The ancient village of Dana looks out over the reserve of the same name.

This drops from +1500 m above sea level to -300 meters under sea level.

Cross Jordan on Horseback

Cross Jordan on Horseback

It is an exceptional sighting and feeling of the different ecosystems present.

We begin our horse ride at the edge of the plateau, on the paths which

becomes tracks when we enter the sides of a large ancient volcanic crater.

We ride beside the deep and distant Wadi Araba, before setting up our

short break beside the Crusader castle of Shobak, close to

a Abu Machtub spring.


23 of October:

Day 3-  Second day on Horseback

After a short horse ride we visit the castle of Shobak (formerly known as Montreal),

built by Arnaud de Chatillon, French Crusader - and later destroyed by Saladin.

Cross Jordan on Horseback

Cross Jordan on Horseback

Crossing the high plateau, we cut between cultivated fields of barley and wheat

before diving into the depths again; below us stretches a seemingly inaccessible

rocky "labyrinth", and yet, this was formerly the site of a Byzantine kingdom – Fenian.

The track is excellent here.

We cross streams and ride beside springs. From time to time tiny abandoned

villages seem relatively green.

This resembles a Mediterranean countryside.

We "bivouac"-  in a picturesque desert woods, overlooking a pretty landscape.

24 of October:

Day 4 -  Third day on Horseback

We are getting closer to the Petra Mountains.

Jebel Haroun appears on the horizon.

Cross Jordan on Horseback Petra

Cross Jordan on Horseback Petra

This is a mountainous stretch where we might have to walk for a bit,

depending on the condition of the track.

Everything seems to lead us to an immense splendor, a mysterious site

buried in the depths of colored sandstone which lies at our feet.

Still riding on the side of the mountain, we cross down from the sites of

the Beidha Neolithic village and Siq al Barid (Little Petra), the miniature

forerunner of Petra, the pink city of light.

We sleep in a beautiful and comfortable Bedouin Camp in Wadi Mousa

(the “Valley of Moses”), where it is told that the Prophet Moise

struck the rock and opened the spring that saved its tribe:

a sacred spot for three great monotheistic religions.



25 of October:

Day 5 -  Petra


A full day walking visit to Petra. The rose-red city of the Nabateans can

only be explored by walking, from the famous Siq at the entrance to

the monastery of Ed Deir, perched on the heights, not forgetting the

highlight of the temple of the Khazneh.

We are carried back to the ancestral times.

During the day, the horses are transported south, to the edge of the desert.

Dinner and night in Hotel in Wadi Mousa, the town at the edge of the Petra site.


26 of October:

Day 6 - Fourth day on Horseback


Transfer to the Horses who are waiting for us in the desert.

Horse riding to the Mountains of Wadi Rum (one and a half hour horse ride).

Dinner and camping in the desert.

horseriding in the evening in jordan

horseriding in the evening in jordan

27 of October:

Days 7 – Wadi Rum -  Fifth day on Horseback


A unique “wilderness experience” begins, the wide-open spaces welcomes

us for a beautiful day out in the desert.

Cross Jordan on Horseback

Cross Jordan on Horseback

With the assistance of our team of local Bedouins we cross the landscape

of these massifs of sandstone, whose phantasmagorical shapes tower above

the flat sands.

The mountains to the East and the South mark the frontier with

Saudi Arabia which is very close.

Cross Jordan on Horseback

Cross Jordan on Horseback

Crisscrossed by canyons, all these mountains appear magical.

The rounded forms of the soft sandstone, the bright colors,

the soft sand under the horses' feet, make a soft contrast

with the terrain we have crossed to get here.

Traces of the Nabateans and Talmudic inscriptions are scattered

along our route.

Cross Jordan on Horseback

Cross Jordan on Horseback

Water can sometimes be seen under the shadow of the cliffs,

held by innumerable stone dams. Two thousand years ago,

the Nabateans were past masters at managing water supplies.

The hardihood of the Bedouin horses is essential here.

Sometimes we ride fast – the terrain is magnificent for this.

Our last evening, in an apotheosis of laughter, music and dances

we will end this unforgettable journey.

Cross Jordan on Horseback

Cross Jordan on Horseback

28 of October:

Day 8 -  Amman


Return by Bus to Amman.

Free Day in Amman

Dinner at a local restaurant.

Hotel Ayass BBDay

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Cross Jordan on Horseback

Cross Jordan on Horseback

Cross Jordan on Horseback

Cross Jordan on Horseback

Cross Jordan on Horseback

Cross Jordan on Horseback

Cross Jordan on Horseback

Cross Jordan on Horseback

Cross Jordan on Horseback

Cross Jordan on Horseback

Cross Jordan on Horseback

Cross Jordan on Horseback

Travel to jordan

Bedouin boy playing Bedouin guitar on a Toyota 4WD in Jordan

Contact us for more info:

Or through Facebook: Louani idar Facebook



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