Louani Idar
Louani Idar

I am a co-founder at, Egypt & Jordan Adventure travel pro, Owner of Acacia-Adventure, Speak 5 Languages (Hebrew, Arabic, French, Swedish & English), 1/2 Swedish 1/2 French.

Life coach using NLP, Self Development, Nero-linguistic programming (NLP) practitioner, Offline & Online entrepreneur.

Horse, Camels and all around Animal Lover.


louani idar kissed a camel
louani idar with her camel

Are you an online entrepreneur too or aspiring to become on?

You may or may not know this about me, but I’ve always been an

entrepreneur at heart.

If you’re  and want more freedom, you’ll definitely appreciate this blog.

I share solutions and tips to entrepreneurs and marketers who want to effectively grow their online business and/or want to take their business  online.

Network education, products, programs, info, reviews, software’s concerning making money online and social media.

Welcome to learn from me & with me.

I am always looking to expand my knowledge, learn new skills and tricks, evolve and grow.

And then teach others.

I work with Facebook ads, Social Media, NLP, Coaching, SEO, Internet Marketing, Network Marketing, Affiliate marketing and Adventure Travel.

Welcome to ask questions.

I have been in a fascinating journey of growth and business changes for the past 15 years.

I want to help more people make changes and understanding that everything is in us.

Growth-mindset is everything.

Change can be made whenever we DECIDE and BECOME COMMITTED.

Stop all excuses and JUST DO IT!

I started my self-development journey in 2006, I have bean learning, evolving and flourishing since.

I never stop investing in myself, I learn all the time and LOVE IT.

I believe that once you start going into the rabbit hole…you can’t stop (-:

Now I have much more time with my family, for my hobbies, ride my horse and in the same time almost, earn money online.

I can work wherever I am in the world – as long as I have a Laptop and Internet connection.
I feel wonderful!

Welcome to Join me in the Journey of Growth and change.
I am having so much fun (-:

I am sure every one of us has so much to give, so let’s help each other live the life we desire and deserve!

I believe that my expertise in Network Marketing , Adventure tourism, being an NLP( Nero Linguistic programming) Practitioner and Coach, helps me blend in different worlds which makes my business life and expertise much richer and more interesting.

I was born in Sweden, my father is Swedish and mother is French.

When I was about 2, we moved to Dahab, in the south part of Sinai –  then a real Paradise on earth.

Hundreds of kilometers of beach with granite mountains descending almost into the red sea.

My parents got a business proposal- to open a diving center on the beach of the Red Sea.

Of course they said yes (-:

Only dirt road with rocks and sand, no electricity, fresh water or many other “small useful things”

that didn’t exist yet in Sinai at that time.

My mother was 7-month pregnant then and I was less than 2 years old!

3 month later, my brother Kim was born and 5 years later, my sister Cindy.

My “pet” was a big male Dromedary camel called “Shailan”.

The next 10 years of my life were absolutely amazing! Our friends where the Bedouin children living in the villages nearby and during the holidays we had friends coming from Europe and Israel.(some are still our friends today).

Business expanded-special one to two weeks camel (dromedary) safaris in the desert (1976 for the “Club Med”)and diving safaris in the amazing red sea.

louani idar in dahab on the red sea shore

When I was 12, we left this paradise. I lived in Israel for a few years, then

I moved to Sweden for a few more years, and now I share my life between Israel and Europe.

I’m passionate about social media, people and always on top of trends and industry news.

When I am not glued to a computer screen, I spend time with my children and family, ride my Arabian horse “Labin”, travel the world, hang out with friends, study new skills, read and grow with self development.

I share a little of my personal life too.







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