Affirmations That Really Work – Law Of Attraction

Looking for ways to manifest your dreams and goals?

Use affirmations – it really works with the law of attraction and the other laws of the universe.

Affirmations can help attract what you desire, using
the Law of attraction and the other laws of the universe

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Bob Proctor – there is a very important nation and it’s called “Imagine -Nation

So imagine anything you desire, dream it, daydream it and you can manifest it.

And never, ever stop believing!

Instruction for manifesting using the affirmations:

– Listen to these affirmations every day if possible.
– The best is to use these affirmations when doing something that you enjoy and motivates you –
– You could be out riding a horse, walking on the beach, the nature, with your children or dog or anywhere you feel good in,
– When you just wake up in the morning or before you go to sleep.
– In the morning, while drinking your first coffee or tea.
– While gardening, jogging or simply listening to the affirmations in the background when you are working.

You can say them along with me or mentally repeat them.
You can write the affirmations, and hang them around in the house- where you will see the affirmation every day and even a few times a day.
I like to watch and listen to the affirmations when I drink my coffee in the morning and just before I go to sleep, in my bed, I love to listen to the affirmations audio.
This is the way to help the affirmations penetrate into your subconscious mind.
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Down here you can see a list of books, audios and tools to help you manifest your dream and live a life you desire.

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