A Targeted Email List Building Strategy With Facebook Using LeadsTunnel

A Targeted Email List Building Strategy With Facebook Using LeadsTunnel

Want to learn how you can automatically create an email list, using Facebook with an easy to use Software?
Well, Anik Singal, Jimmy Kim, as well as Fred Lam,  partnered up to release
this new, tool, and it’s called “LeadsTunnel”.
When using  Leads-Tunnel, you can easily obtain traffic and laser targeted buyers to your  online offer.

With this email list building strategy, you could build your email list, using Facebook,
with no need for a landing page.

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Leadstunnel is  a cloud-based software that links between  the new, Facebook leads ad system and your preferred autoresponder, CRM, or webinar platform.


using leadstunnel

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Some more LeadsTunnel features are:

  1. Your leads are not stored  (it’s cloud based so it’s 100 % secure).
  2.  Leadstunnel allows you to do MULTIPLE op-ins (CRM+ autoresponder and webinar simultaneously).

In the demo, you will see how a new Facebook account, activated  a brand new “innovative” technology inside of Facebook and connected them using  LeadsTunnel…

Setting  it up, takes a few  minutes,  and you can  obtain 200+ targeted leads, in 24 hours …

This bypasses every little thing you learned bout Facebook marketing…

You can stop making use of landing pages and head directly  to the Facebook source and obtains leads in a few clicks.

One  problem is that the data is concealed and when you want  publish a post you need to locate the right source and HOPE they allow you publish it

Leadstunnel is a GAME-CHANGER tool.

You can say goodbye to complications.

You probably know  the term, “The Money is in the List,” right?

Well, most the time, you pay for campaigns, then you send the leads to a  landing page,

with your offer online,  hope that thirty to fifty % of them will opt in,  and then you wish  they gave you   their REAL email address…

Do you know what I’m talking about here?

LeadsTunnel helps you avoid fake e-mail worries,  landing page building and copywriting.

It will help you build or grow your list with highly targeted BUYER traffic.

LeadsTunnel is  a must have tool for 2016!

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