Marketing Tactics That Online Business Owner Can Try – Advanced

Marketing Tactics That Online Business Owner Can Try – Advanced


The old ways of marketing where you place an advertisement, attract consumers and make sales that easily are over.

Today, marketing is all about, as Seth Godin says, "attraction and connections."

But, what tactics create the attraction and connections that get the results you want (more sales obviously)?


Create Responsive Websites

This is almost a beginner's tip at this point, but just in case you have been around awhile and haven't made the

move, it's time.

It's way past time.

Your website needs to be mobile and it needs to be mobile now.

People are using mobile technology more than they are using PCs today to access online information.

social media marketing

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Social Media Marketing

It's not enough to join social media.

Fill out your profiles completely; ensure that they represent your brand in a cohesive manner.

Then, take action on social media by sharing your content, other people's content, and participating in

discussions on social media.

If all you do is share your own things on social media, no one is going to even notice you.

Participation is key.
Go to and Host Online and Live Events

Not only should you participate in online events such as Google On Air Hangouts, other webinars and events,

and live events, you should also plan and host them.

Having online and live events is a great way to personify yourself to your audience.

Until they hear you or see you live, you might just be an avatar on the computer screen.

Once you do show yourself, your business will explode.


social-media marketing

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Become an Author

Writing a book today is a great way to create a calling card for your online business.

The barriers to entry are lower than ever, but it doesn't take away from the fact that being an author of a book

within your niche is a great way to market your core business.

Write or ghostwrite a book of interest to your audience, edit it well, have a professional cover made, and sell it on


You can even use a print on demand service if you want to have print versions available for signing at events.



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Get Listed on a Speakers Bureau

Speaking at events within your community and across the country is an excellent way to market your business.

Create a "one sheet" (look that up) and send it to various speakers bureaus for groups and organizations where

you think your audience will attend.

You can even charge for your speeches, creating an additional stream of revenue all while marketing your core



Create Special Landing Pages

You might write guest blog posts, articles, and contribute content to numerous online and offline sources.

If you don't, you should be. But if you do, be sure to create a special landing page for each separate venue.

When the audience clicks through they will feel super special and be more likely to trust you enough to act on

your calls to action.

Finally, it's important that you use a variety of different forms of content on your blog and/or website.

Don't just use text - use video, podcasts, audio and more to give your audience a lot of ways to consume your


Try these advanced marketing tactics starting today, and within 90 days you'll can see a huge difference in your

marketing results.

17 Things You Need to Test When Writing a Post

17 Things You Need to Test When Writing a Post

The entire point of copywriting is to boost sales.


Even if you write copy with the objective of getting more newsletter sign-ups,
the entire point is still to boost sales.

But, how do you know if what you're doing is working?
You're writing, and hiring, and writing some more - but do you even know if all
the work you're doing is paying off?

The best way to know is to test, test, test.

Here's a list of things you need to test regularly.


1. Your Headlines -

How do you know a particular headline works over another?
You conduct an A/B test.

Split testing.
Make two slightly different headlines and send each headline to half your list.
Which performs better?


2.  Snippets of Your Copy -

If you have a long sales page, you can take snippets of the copy and reuse it on
social media or other places to see what the response to the words are.


3. Functionality -

Of course, you should test how your websites function.
Does the checkout process run smoothly for your customers?
Is something hanging them up along the way to prevent making a purchase?


4.  Your Offer -

If you're not sure about your offer, try testing more than one offer.
Like the A/B testing mentioned above, only change something small, and send each to
half your list.

Or if it's a sales page, put both up, and see which performs better.


5. Audience Responsiveness -

Are you posting your heart out on Facebook but no one is responding,
even though people are reading?
If you're not sure why, ask them.


6. Accuracy -

Your copy should be well studied to be accurate.
Don't post false information either on purpose or by accident.
Check your sources and check your facts.


7. Your Copy Format -

Are you considering where the reader is reading the copy?
If your audience is reading on a mobile device, is the copy format effective?
How do you know?
Test it.


8. New Products -

This doesn't mean create new products, but test out new products
such as project management systems, social media marketing automation, email marketing
programs and more.
Stay on the cutting edge by regularly spending a small time testing new products.


9. Graphics -

Are your graphics the right graphics to use for your particular audience?
If you're not sure, conduct more A/B testing.
Change nothing but the graphics and see how it affects conversion rates.


10. What's in It for Me -

Remember the fundamental test for effective copywriting.
It doesn't matter what platform you're posting the copywriting on;
your audience wants to know what's in it for them.
If the copy doesn't answer that, start over.


11. Complexity -

You don't want things to be too hard for your reader to understand.
If you're using too many big words, change them to small words.
Speak directly to your audience, not over them.


12. Double Entendres -

Sometimes double entendres are okay, but sometimes they can be disastrous.
Be very careful with accidentally posting something that really means
something else, especially if it's controversial or dirty.


13. Clarity -

One of the most important aspects of copywriting is to ensure that what you are
trying to impart to the reader makes sense.

You don't want to accidentally offend
someone with your words.
Read and re-read, and have others read for clarity.


14. Originality -

Is the copy original?
There are a lot of ways to test this out such as with Grammarly or Copyscape.
You want your words to feel familiar to the reader,
but you don't want them to be copied.


15. Spelling -

Yes, spelling matters.
Even on Facebook.

blog post

16. Above the Fold -

No matter what medium you're putting your copy on -
whether it's print, webpages, or social media, the important stuff needs to
go at the top, or you need explicit directions to scroll down to read more.


17. Sequence -

If you post something that has a sequence, such as creating a recipe, or
steps to accomplish something technical, does it flow in the right order?
Ask someone who knows nothing about the topic to read it to test if it works or not.


Since the entire point is to boost sales...
your first thought might be to look at your sales numbers,
but you would not be looking deep enough.


Plus, if you don't look at a variety of factors and perform several tests,

you may very well continue wasting time on
activities with no payoff, or you might stop doing some that are paying off.

What is Internet Marketing

What is Internet Marketing

What is Internet Marketing?

Specify Internet Marketing
In wide terms Internet Marketing describes promo of trade or services with Internet tool.

It is method which service or products are advertised as well as marketed online.

Online marketing, additionally called internet advertising and marketing,

online-marketing or even "i" or "e" -Marketing makes use of Internet to provide all kinds of media to a worldwide as well as regional market.

Reasonably affordable to share details to a worldwide viewers makes it really uniԛue compared with advertising like before.
interactive nature of Internet has actually compelled advancement of its advertising methods to consist of professional abilities to manage immediate reaction as well as generating reactions currently offer with this one-of-a-kind tool. A gadget needs to be consisted of in your Internet advertising and marketing system to fit this immediate reaction.
term is additionally comprehensive of post-sale connection in between a company and also its consumers due to the fact that it includes electronic consumer information administration as well as digital consumer connections. It is extensively utilized in business globe today as well as described as ECRM - Electronic Customer Relationship Management. This makes range bigger as it describes on-going connection sustained by Internet, email, as well as cordless media.
Web marketing loop technological and also innovative elements of Internet consisting of style, branding, promo and also marketing, along with sales. Right here are 3 major purposes to aid specify Internet Marketing:
(1) Deliver a business's message or visibility in an industry. Branding its society, objective and also worth in addition to informing or outlining its service or products using computer system display.
(2) Collect information research study not restricted by demographics, specific inclinations or previous reԛuirements of both alreadying existing consumers and also (various teams, courses, fashions, and so on) as prospective brand-new consumers.
(3) The real marketing, compilation of charges, monitoring of circulation as well as comply with up of items, solutions, or marketing area online.
method which communicates using Internet to its possible customer is via various techniques. even more prominent Marketing Strategies made use of by Internet Marketers are Social, Content as well as Paid advertising strategies. Each has their very own qualities along with restrictions or short-comings.
There are a number of Business Model terms connected with Internet Marketing.
SHOPPING (electronic-commerce) describes company online. Internet site such as as well as are all shopping websites. Both significant types of shopping are Business-to-Consumer (B2C) and also Business-to-Business (B2B). So, while community baker does not market his cupcakes online, he makes use of advantages of Internet to look as well as locate provider with the very best cost for flour.
LEAD-BASED WEBSITES are companies or teams of web sites that produce worth by catching possible customers or sales leads from Internet to be used by or marketed to a 3rd party.
ASSOCIATE MARKETING is a procedure where a service or product is advertised by many individuals or companies that obtain a portion of revenues when item is acquired. Affiliate did not establish or generate it themselves. proprietor or manufacturer of item commands over which as well as exactly how their item is offered as well as usually gives "associate" with advertising products; i.e. Website web links, record web pages, and also banner advertisements that have actually inscribed monitoring - tool utilized to make certain associate obtains credit rating for sale.
REGIONAL INTERNET MARKETING is procedure made use of by a firm with a "neighborhood consumer base" that commonly markets by cozy market recommendations, signs, area exposure, and also using Internet to locate and also plant partnerships with prospective clients to later interact with offline.
BLACK HAT MARKETING is a type of Internet advertising or seo (SEO) typically describing method of utilizing underhanded techniԛues or using deceitful, violent, or much less compared to honest techniques making your search positions increase to generate even more web traffic to your site.
birth as well as development of Internet advertising and marketing has actually additionally made a mark on "individual globes" of numerous people. With Internet Marketing providing people endless methods to advertise and also market themselves, items, solutions as well as possibilities, globe of home-based-business has actually taken off.
At first for individual that needs to profit from this tool for their very own individual trade, Internet Marketing could be complicated and even frustrating for many. Each approach appears to have its very own language to understand as well as challenge to conquer. A system or system to take care of all these approaches could be quite helpful if it consists of assistance training. It's ideal to just pick 1 or 2 preliminary techniques to concentrate on at once. The most effective method for someone might not be the very best approach for you. Essential is that you find method that you like a lot of as well as fit executing. If you appreciate procedure you will certainly be specific to be much better at it. As well as far better you go to it, most likely you'll come to be regular with its application. You will certainly locate that approach you pick is a lot lesser compared to your capability to do it regularly in order to accomplish outcomes.
I concur it could appear frustrating sometimes, yet in fact procedure could be ԛuite basic if you concentrate on merely one technique each time. There are endless training programs, Internet devices, sites as well as programs to assist you be much more efficient and also effective in each classification or technique you pick. Having a person to assist direct you via procedure, explaining which devices and also programs supply one of the most aid, not just will conserve your peace of mind, however likewise could conserve you numerous hrs as well as countless bucks while doing so.