How to Evaluate Your Competition’s Social Media Marketing Efforts

Learn More about Your Competition's Social Media Marketing Tactics


In this article, you will learn 8 social media marketing tips to help you improve your own social media marketing campaigns.

Your competition can offer you a great deal of ideas to improve your social media marketing efforts - even if your business is a lot more popular.

When you learn about your competitor’s social media marketing tactics, you can find great ideas for new audiences and ways you can improve your own social media marketing and then make your company a lot more profitable.

Here are 8 tips on how to evaluate your competitor’s social media marketing tactics:

Tip #1- Follow Your Competitors Social Media Accounts

See how your competitors are using each social media account to give details to their audience and how they get more followers.

See how they are using each social media account to give details to their audience and how they get more followers.

Does it show up that they are using automation software program?

If they are, try to find out what programs they are using.

Tip #2- Register to Their Email List

Email listings are a really great way to take a look at your competition as well as see just how they're utilizing their email together with social media to market their products and services.

Tip #3-Read Their Blog site Often

Establish their blog on RSS feed so that you could monitor the type of details they're distributing to their audience. Do they ask their audience to discuss article? Do they make it simple to share?

Tip #4- Watch What Your Competitors Share on Social Media                         

Just what does their goal seem to be utilizing social media? Do they attempt to lead you back to their email list, blog, other social media accounts, or another thing?

Tip #5- What Do They Do to Attract People to Like or Comply with Them?

Did they incentivize their target market to like or follow them on a number of social media accounts? If so, are they providing brand-new or the very same information on each account?

Tip #6-Check How Usually Do They Send Out Updates

Track just how frequently your competition sends updates and on what day of the week.

Tips #7- Track What Time Your Competition Sends Updates

What time of the day or night, is the most common time that your competition sends updates?

Tip #8-Just what is the Response of the Target market?

Is the audience involving with your competitors based upon their updates?

As you ask these concerns, you will certainly need to keep track of the responses.

Some good ways to do so are to:

1- Produce a Spreadsheet

Get in the details you collect right into a spreadsheet in order to keep track of the questions you have about how each of your competitors uses social media.

2- Use Evernote

This is a wonderful method to keep an eye on different things that you would like to try that your competition is doing. Take down it, and afterwards put it right into method on your own.

3- Create a Record

Taking each of your competition separately, write a report with the information to ensure that you can easily check out it for future recommendation.

Social media marketing tips

Social media marketing

Tracking exactly what your competitors are doing, as well as exactly how your audience replies to the competitors, will certainly help you know just what to do more of in your very own social media advertising and marketing efforts.

If you want to learn more about social media marketing, you can read this article here







7  Social Media Marketing Tips for Generating Leads and Boosting Sales

7 Social Media Marketing Tips for Generating Leads and Boosting Sales

Social media platforms are wonderful to help  generate leads.

You have access to hundreds of individuals, at your fingertips.

  • Do you want to learn how  you can  use social media in the right way, to bring in the ideal viewers, as well as generate the right leads, for your business or offer online?

Every sort of advertising, no matter what the objective is, will benefit vastly, when using these social media marketing strategies:


In this article I'm going to show you social media strategies, you can start using already today, in order to attract targeted leads, to your blog or offer online

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Tip #1: Identifying Your Targeted Audiences -

You need to know every little thing you can about  your targeted audiences.

  • Who specifically are they?
  • What  frustration or pain you  or your product can help them solve?
  • What is their gender?
  • What is their, age-range ?                                                                                                                                                                                         ( if your selling skateboards or extreme sport gear, you will usually not target 65 years old audiences).
  • What are their anxieties, fears and hurts?
  • What troubles do they have that you can help them  fix?

You could become familiar with your audiences, by going where they are .

  • Open a targeted group in your niche or sub-niche, post tons of value.
  • Become a member in groups, communities and pages who are in your niche.
  • Comment, like and share posts and images, be active, don't pitch or spam.
  • Be someone they will notice and respect as an expert.



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Tip #2: Develop a Content Strategy -

Nothing is done without valuable content.

Without content with value to your targeted audiences (Avatar), you have no

advertising strategy whatsoever.

You should create material for your website/blog, online offer and for social media,

that has the factor of your marketing campaign in mind.

Tip #3: Create Compelling Content -

If you want someone to trust you enough in order to be willing  to give you their info,  and to grow the possibility that this person will become a lead, you're going to have to have a strategy.

Create and post valuable, professional and relevant content.

Uses Images, video, sound, Infographics in your blog posts, then share it in social media platforms like: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn and other social media sites.

It's important to chose a sharable image, videos, quotes on a photo, infografics etc'.

Because of course your goal should be, that your content
would be shared everywhere.

Read more about visuals and effective social media marketing tips here

Tip #4: Place a Sign-Up Forms on Social Media Sites

You could give a free report and add a sign-up, or learn more button on your business page on Facebook or on another social media platform, business page. Sending them to a landing page where they are asked to write their name and email address in order for them to receive the free report, ebook, video sceries or what ever free informative content you decide to give your targeted audiance.

Offer Something valuable in return for their name and email address is a traditional method amongst internet online marketers.

You can make this work even  better by guaranteeing that the giveaway would be of great value to your target audience.

After they give you their info - they become leads.

In order for them to become your leads, you should use an auto-responder like:  Getresponse, Aweber, mailchimp, or any other autoresponder you like.

Tip #5: Optimise Your Social Media Profiles

Often before a person clicks on your links they're going to examine your social media profile.

If you have a bad headshot, as well as a half-filled out profile, no blog, content on your pages or mainly selling and pitches, they are probably  not going to go back and provide you their e-mail.

Boost your social media accounts - consistently, and congruent.

Tip #6: Be Willing to Spend Some Money

If you've produced an outstanding material marketing approach, but rarely anyone is seeing it,  it could be time to pay for sponsored articles on social media networks in your specific niche.

You can learn how to manage effective social media marketing campaigns or outsource it to someone who knows how to do it.

 Tip #7: Create Multiple Landing Pages 

You need to produce a brand-new landing page for each social media network to make sure that when your viewers, click through the link on your material they are taken to a unique page that welcomes them and also makes them feel at home.

With the number of people within your target audience making use of social media, making social media benefit you as a lead generation tool, is in all honesty, a no brainer.

Social Media sites are superb platforms for you  attract and  generate many targeted leads.

  • Define what  makes an ideal lead for your offer, and also, ask yourself, what exactly would attract that perfect lead?
  • You'll need to create material for your website/blog and also social media that has the point of your marketing campaign in.
  • Improve Your Social Media Profiles - Occasionally prior to an individual clicking on  your links they're going to examine your profile.
  • It's crucial to have a social media  strategy, in order to grow your audience, and only attract  laser targeted leads.

If you are looking for an effective tool to help you attract more leads to add to your email list,

Click here to learn more

Marketing Tactics That Online Business Owner Can Try – Advanced

Marketing Tactics That Online Business Owner Can Try – Advanced


The old ways of marketing where you place an advertisement, attract consumers and make sales that easily are over.

Today, marketing is all about, as Seth Godin says, "attraction and connections."

But, what tactics create the attraction and connections that get the results you want (more sales obviously)?


Create Responsive Websites

This is almost a beginner's tip at this point, but just in case you have been around awhile and haven't made the

move, it's time.

It's way past time.

Your website needs to be mobile and it needs to be mobile now.

People are using mobile technology more than they are using PCs today to access online information.

social media marketing

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Social Media Marketing

It's not enough to join social media.

Fill out your profiles completely; ensure that they represent your brand in a cohesive manner.

Then, take action on social media by sharing your content, other people's content, and participating in

discussions on social media.

If all you do is share your own things on social media, no one is going to even notice you.

Participation is key.
Go to and Host Online and Live Events

Not only should you participate in online events such as Google On Air Hangouts, other webinars and events,

and live events, you should also plan and host them.

Having online and live events is a great way to personify yourself to your audience.

Until they hear you or see you live, you might just be an avatar on the computer screen.

Once you do show yourself, your business will explode.


social-media marketing

Image from Pixabay via geralt


Become an Author

Writing a book today is a great way to create a calling card for your online business.

The barriers to entry are lower than ever, but it doesn't take away from the fact that being an author of a book

within your niche is a great way to market your core business.

Write or ghostwrite a book of interest to your audience, edit it well, have a professional cover made, and sell it on


You can even use a print on demand service if you want to have print versions available for signing at events.



Image from Wikimedia Commons


Get Listed on a Speakers Bureau

Speaking at events within your community and across the country is an excellent way to market your business.

Create a "one sheet" (look that up) and send it to various speakers bureaus for groups and organizations where

you think your audience will attend.

You can even charge for your speeches, creating an additional stream of revenue all while marketing your core



Create Special Landing Pages

You might write guest blog posts, articles, and contribute content to numerous online and offline sources.

If you don't, you should be. But if you do, be sure to create a special landing page for each separate venue.

When the audience clicks through they will feel super special and be more likely to trust you enough to act on

your calls to action.

Finally, it's important that you use a variety of different forms of content on your blog and/or website.

Don't just use text - use video, podcasts, audio and more to give your audience a lot of ways to consume your


Try these advanced marketing tactics starting today, and within 90 days you'll can see a huge difference in your

marketing results.

11 SEO Friendly Pinterest Tips

11 SEO Friendly Pinterest Tips

Search Engine Optimization - SEO using Pinterest


Using these 11 Pinterest tips will help you make your Pinterest

SEO friendly and that will go far in helping you make the most out of

Pinterest, as a marketing channel for your business.

It's important to learn and understand how to maximize

search engine optimization (SEO), in order for you to

get the most out of your time using Pinterest for marketing purposes.

When your goal is marketing your name, brand, blog or website on Pinterest:

You can pin all day long, but if you don't know which relevant keywords,

long-tail keywords or key-phrases to use and you're not optimizing your

pin-board names and description for relevant keywords, using an

effective keywords strategy, you're probably wasting your time.



 social-media , pinterest

Image from Pixabay via geralt


1) Your Username should be Optimized.

On Pinterest you can choose a username that is a keyword.

If your username is a keyword or key-phrase for your niche,

this will help a lot because, whenever someone types that

term into a search bar, your pin-boards will come up in the search.

When you put a keyword in as your username, you'll get a lot more

followers and most important - targeted followers.


SEO Optimize Pinterest.

2) Develop a Keyword Strategy for Pinterest.

Before you make your first pin-board, think about what your goals are for.

Pinterest and how you want to appear to the world.

You've likely already researched keywords and hopefully have hundreds.

good keywords, long-tail keywords or key-phrases to choose from.

Now it's time to set out your keyword strategy on Pinterest, to make it.

Match what you're doing on your blog or website and with other social media channels.


3) Link Back to Your Blog or Website - Always.

Each pin you create you can link back to your site and back to specific.

pages of your site or blog.

Take advantage of this and make sure they link back to many different

posts and pages and not just go to the home page of your website.

Remember that when you make pins link back to landing pages on.

Your website, they should be specific and relevant to the pin.


4) Create Optimized Pin Descriptions.

Making use of the description area for your pins is one of the best ways to.

improve Search Engine Optimization of your Pinterest channel.

And Pinterest is giving you a big space to work with.

Include relevant keywords and URLs when appropriate, but make them readable.

You are pinning for people not search engine bots.


5) The About Section should be Full Keyword-Rich.

The about section Pinterest gives is generous-sized.

It's good, because you have place to fill with information,

explain how yo are going to help them solve a problem,

tell your story and even use keywords within the text when doing so.

It's important to use keyword, long-tail keywords or key phrase.

Of course, just don't force or stuff it.

Using keywords and long-tail keywords within the about section is a

smart idea as it will help your customers find you when they search for those keywords.


6) The Home for All Images on your Boards should be your Website or Blog.

Everything starts and ends with your website or a blog.

Start by creating a blog post with the image, infographic and post,

creating pins and boards, then pin to the relevant board from your website,

this way visitors always link back to your site.


7) Use Relevant Hashtags #.

Like most social media today, Pinterest also supports hashtags.

Use hashtags well and they will pay off.

Hashtag your keywords, long-tail keywords and key-phrases.

Give thought to what the hashtags should be and how they

relate to your niche before including them.


8) Watermark Your Images.

Someone might take your picture and try to use it as their own.

It's important to watermark every image you own with your

logo and URL.

Watermarking can help with SEO, just remember to do so as

unobtrusively as possible.


9) Re-Pin Items That Carry Your Keywords.

Look up your keywords, and re-pin other people's pin-boards and

pins that carry your keywords.

In addition, follow other people's pin-boards and their followers -

just a few each day to help build your own following.

pinterest, social-media

Image from Pixabay via animatedheaven

10) Add ALT Text on every Image.

When you upload an image, or put an image on your website,

you have something called an ALT tag or text.

This is an area where you should use keywords to describe the image.

Don't just say "Horse" - say something like "This picture is of my

Arabian horse that I took using my Canon Eos 1.".

This type of ALT tag would be relevant to a pin-board devoted to

Arabian horses or photography.
11) Create Themes for Pin-boards.

Create themed pin-boards, where the theme fits with your niche and is a

keyword for your niche, don't just randomly post pins.

This gives your followers more in-depth information about your

niche and for you, more areas to include keywords in.

You can think of pin-boards as categories like you have on your blog if that helps.