I’m Nominating My Mom -Annette Idar

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remarkable, amazing and exceptional mom Annette Idar for the woman history month. by@LoriGreinerShark She is a remarkable woman and inspires me everyday because she is an absolute positive person, she will find the positive in situations and things and make the best of it.She is very bold, brave, strong and sharp minded.
And this inspired me to be the same and just know I can do anything I really want, get out if any situation and become even stronger.
I learned to love myself no mater what happens in my current "reality".
Annette didn't always have an easy life, born in a refuge camp in Switzerland,during the second world war.Parents just fled from Nazie's.
Lost her dad age 4, & her mom when she was about 16.
Grew up alone in Paris( she had 2 big brothers but they had their life to take care of. When Annette was about 21, she met my dad Björn.Swedish, working as a diving instructor in Eilat, Red sea.
I was born in Sweden and when I was about 2, we moved to Dahab, in the south part of Sinai Peninsula - then a real Paradise on earth.Hundreds of kilometers of beach with the Granite Mountains descending almost into the red sea
.My parents got a business proposal-to open a diving center on the beach of the Red Sea.Of course they said yes (-:Only dirt road with rocks and sand, no electricity, fresh water or many other "small useful things"that didn't exist yet in Sinai at that time.My mother was 7-month pregnant then and I was less than2 years old!3 months later, my brother Kim was born and 5 years later, my sister Cindy was born. We lived in Dahab for 10 amazing years. When we left, it was not easy for anyone of us, but Annette kept on being strong, and positive, no matter what happens- you can change the situation and you can find something positive.
This is her moto. Annette is an special woman. I learned and I'm still learning so much every day. ( didn't write about my dad who is amazing too but this will be for the mans month?).
I have had an unusual and amazing childhood and a special life until now inspired by my mom. Love you❤️

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