Leap! A Quantum Awakening – Movie

What is reality?

Is reality an illusion?

Isometric Cube Illusion

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Are you open to watch, listen and learn another perspective?...

- If it's an illusion, do you believe you have the power to
break free from your current perceived limitations?

- Are you ready to experience a life filled with Passion,
Abundance, Happiness, Adventure, Peace, Joy, Trust and much more?


The newly updated, Leap! A Quantum Awakening is the key!

Leap! A Quantum Awakening
Join with many of today’s greatest minds:

- Joe Vitale: Featured in The Secret.
- Stuart Hameroff: Featured in What The Bleep!? & A Quantum Leap.
- Cassandra Vieten, Ph.D. Director of Research at the Institute of Noetic Sciences
- Dan Millman: Author: Way of the Peaceful Warrior
- Ken Wapnick and Gary Renard from A Course in Miracles The Movie
- Peter Russell: Featured in A Quantum Leap
- iKE ALLEN & Ashley “Ande” Anderson: Founders of AVAIYA
- Will Arntz: Creator of What The Bleep!? and featured in A Quantum Leap
- James Twyman: Creator of the film, The Moses Code
- Fred Alan Wolf: Featured in A Quantum Leap! and What The Bleep!
- Tim Freke: Author: How Long Is Now?
- Geoffrey Hoppe from Crimson Circle
- Richard Bartlett from Matrix Energetics

and many other great minds.

Follow them as they explore the nature of reality and
share an eye-opening and mind-expanding view of Spirituality,
Psychology & Science merging to Awaken The Hidden Power Within YOU.

Are you ready to:

- Be open to the possibility that YOU are the Ultimate Observer.
- Accelerate your “Journey of Self-Discovery” beyond your physical time – space reality.
- Learn about the difference between “Reality” vs. “Actuality.”
- Learn how to experience deeper levels of “Truth Realization.”

Leap! Are You Ready to Discover Who You Really Are?


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